Man Drives Mower Across Florida for Charity

From Titusville to Spring Hill, Thursday April 8th, All Day


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Florida. April 8th, 2021: Follow a full day of live-streaming as Florida Man drives a mower for over 130 miles across the entire state of Florida, to help raise money for Habitat For Humanity.

Chip Hawthorne from Main Street Mower, a local mower dealership, is about to embark on this one-day journey, all to benefit West Orange Habitat For Humanity, a nonprofit organization that helps families build and improve places to call home.

“Being a 6th generation Floridian - I love my community” Hawthorne said. “And if riding a mower across the entire state of Florida helps provide someone a home in my community, then it's been a good use of my time.”

The starting point will be the Titusville coastline. The destination? The Gulf of Mexico in Spring Hill. Hawthorne will be escorted by law enforcement every step of the way. Riding at an average speed of 10mph, the trip is expected to last from sunrise to sunset, on April 8th.

It might seem like a fun event on the outside but it's heart is to bring our community around this worthy cause. All the donations and proceeds generated through this event, it’s merchandising, and its sponsorship - go directly to West Orange Habitat for Humanity.

“Sometimes you have a chance to do something great for others, this is mine.” Hawthorne concluded.

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